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Project Management

Houseplay Remodeling is a single-point contact for your full home remodeling needs.

For every project we do, we help out with everything: ideas, designs, permits, scheduling, receiving deliveries, picking up materials, construction, and more.

What does that translate to in real life? When you work with us …

  • You won’t have the plumber and electrician asking you questions during the remodel.
  • You won’t have to wait in line for your permit or sit for hours at the building department.
  • You won’t need to stress about meeting inspectors, ordering appliances, or scheduling sub-contractors.

Why choose us for Project Management?

Coordinating a full home remodel is a full-time job. When you partner with us, you are free to focus on your own work and home life while we supervise your renovation from start to finish.

Consider that a basic kitchen renovation might include eight different subcontractors and five different vendors, not to mention coordinating efforts with the building department, inspectors, and parking authority!

When you’re doing a home remodel, you want someone to advocate for you and ensure that your project gets done right. Our streamlined approach saves you time, energy, and effort.

Looking for a professional team to handle your renovation project? Contact us today!

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